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Life is about getting together with friends and “solving all the world’s problems.” Lovejoys is the perfect place to do this! 

You can get together more often when you take advantage of Lovejoy’s everyday low prices or hit us up for happy hour and daily specials. This might be the place to show your love and pick up the tab for all your favorite people. 🙂

The relaxed atmosphere means you can have a great time talking, laughing, making toasts, and simply enjoying yourselves. 

We are open late for those nights when you would just rather be out with those you love. And keep your eyes open for exciting events like theme parties or special evenings with a DJ. 

Make it a weekly habit to join your favorite people at your favorite downtown restaurant and bar!

Meet your friends in downtown Laramie

Enjoy happy hour deals with your friends

Kitchen and Bar Hours

Our kitchen is open as late as the bar!

11:00am – Last Call

10:00am – Last Call

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